Consumption OptionsMedical marijuana is available in many forms, making it necessary to understand the different consumption methods.

You’re about to learn the best medical marijuana consumption options, from classy pipes to delicious edibles. Additionally, you’ll discover which methods are beginner-oriented, especially if you’ve recently received your medical marijuana license in Pennsylvania.

Smoking Medical Marijuana Flowers

The best way to consume medical marijuana flowers is through smoking.

Smoking requires a few tools besides marijuana flowers, such as a pipe, lighter, and grinder. Once you ground the marijuana and pack it into the bowl, simply light up and inhale the delicious smoke.

From pipes to bongs, you’ll find that smoking is one of the easiest ways to consume medical marijuana.

Eating Medical Marijuana Edibles

In many cases, medical marijuana patients cannot smoke cannabis.

Whether you can’t smoke cannabis due to personal preference or health concerns, the next best option is to eat medical marijuana-infused edibles. Edibles contain pre-defined amounts of THC, making them relatively easy to dose — especially if you’re a beginner.

Consuming a medical marijuana edible is the easiest of all methods because all you need to do is eat!

Vaping Medical Marijuana Extracts

Vaping is one of the most popular methods to consume medical marijuana.

Vaporizing medical marijuana offers rapid onset of effects while drastically reducing harmful effects on the lungs compared to smoking. Additionally, vaping medical marijuana vaporizers is relatively easy, especially when using disposable vape pens.

With its low learning curve, vaping medical marijuana extracts may be one of the top methods to consume cannabis.

Topically-Applying Medical Marijuana Lotion

For a medical marijuana patient with acute pain, such as arthritis, topical medical marijuana products may be the best option.

Topical MMJ lotions work precisely like standard lotions and oils, where users rub the cream directly on problematic areas on the skin. In other words, medical marijuana topicals allow you to place medicated lotion or oil on problem points with laser-like precision.

Once again, medical marijuana topicals are extremely easy to apply and are recommended for beginners that require relief from acute muscle and joint pain.

Dabbing Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Dabbing isn’t smoking or vaping — it’s somewhere in the middle.

However, dabbing medical marijuana concentrates is considered an art in itself. From heating the “dab rig” to handling cannabis concentrates, dabbing isn’t recommended for beginners. Instead, dabbing has a high learning curve that requires patience and skill to master.

If you’re interested in consuming cannabis with a dab rig, you’ll want to take the time to watch in-depth how-to guides. Ultimately, dabbing is one of the most rewarding methods to consume cannabis concentrates once you master the technique.

Experience Each Consumption Method to Find Which Works Best for You

If you’re ready to experience all the different ways to consume medical marijuana, get your MMJ card in Pennsylvania with the professionals at Compassionate Healthcare Telehealth.

From ultra-smooth vaporizers to delicious medical marijuana edibles, you’ll quickly discover which method of consumption works best for you!