Compassionate Healthcare Telehealth was formed to provide an alternative option to patients who suffer from chronic conditions that impact their life. Before many states established medical programs, patients who wanted to treat pain, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, cancer symptoms, seizures, spasticity—or 100 other conditions, had only a few options available to them. In most instances, they were prescribed a pharmaceutical to try and reduce their symptoms. For short-term use, conventional medications can be very beneficial; however, when narcotics, benzodiazepines, sedatives, muscle relaxants, and hypnotics are used long-term, the side effects increase, and the benefit realized by patients are often significantly reduced.

We believe wholeheartedly that medical marijuana can improve lives and enhance the quality of lives for patients who seek out symptom-relief for their conditions. Our physicians all believe in the medical benefits marijuana can offer, and patients can always expect to be listened and guided to a better quality of life.

Our Mission

Compassionate Healthcare Telehealth’s primary mission is to expand access to medical marijuana for patients who seek a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. By partnering with our patients to build long-term relationships, we aim to simplify the medical marijuana programs while providing education and ongoing support.

Our Approach

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Our team and philosophy are what set us apart from others in the field. We are driven by the goal of expanding care to those who would benefit from medical marijuana. We want all patients to feel confident that they are not alone after using our services. We are available to assist them from the first moment they see us and for as long as they feel they benefit from using MMJ.

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As a practice, we believe strongly in leveraging more natural treatment methods such as the medical use of cannabis. We feel that the benefits offered by medical cannabis cannot be overlooked, especially when so many have tried more traditional approaches with limited success and have been restricted in the past to minimal options and inadequate care.

All our doctors are board-certified and passionately believe in the benefits that can be obtained with the usage of medical marijuana. Each of our providers feels privileged to be a certifying physician that can partner with patients to improve their healthcare.

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