MMJ Teledocs Indica vs Sativa

It’s essential to understand the difference between indica or sativa strains, whether you’re new to medical marijuana or not.

From uplifting energy to downright sedation, indica and sativa marijuana strains offer a bounty of beneficial effects for medical marijuana patients. By understanding the primary differences (and similarities) between the two major cannabis types, you’ll always find the best MMJ strain for your needs.

Whether you want a marijuana strain that’ll tuck you in at night or a daily driver that keeps you focused throughout the day, you’ll discover everything you need to know about indicas and sativas below.

The Different Effects Between Indicas and Sativas

Indicas and sativas each provide specific traits that make it easy for medical marijuana patients to differentiate between them.

Below, we’ll briefly discuss essential aspects between sativas and indicas: effects.

Relaxation and Sleep

If you signed up for your medical marijuana card because of insomnia or stress-related issues — indica-dominant strains are the best bet.

Indicas are renowned for their ability to produce long-lasting sleep and deep-rooted relaxation. From instantly dispelling anxiety to realigning your Circadian Rhythm, indica marijuana strains are the go-to products for anyone needing a chill pill.

Boost Your Energy and Focus

Whether you’re avoiding caffeine or need an extra bump in energy throughout the day — sativa strains are packed with energetic potential.

Sativa marijuana strains are known to increase energy, focus, and creativity. From midterm exams to an afternoon pick-me-up, sativas are the secret weapon for anyone that needs the extra motivation to get up and out the door.

Social Hour

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, which can result in a particular form of social phobia.

Whether you have social anxiety or not, sativa-dominant marijuana strains can help boost your mood, energy, and motivation to meet others. From increased laughter to decreased fear, social anxiety can be managed with the correct dose of sativa-dominant marijuana.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction

From acute to chronic pain and inflammation, indica-dominant strains are packed with alleviating effects.

Although sativa strains are known to reduce pain, indica strains go one step further by relaxing the body. During periods of pain, the body is tense, which makes the pain worse by making it impossible to relax.

From arthritis to overuse-related injuries at the gym, it’s time to find the best indica strain at your local medical marijuana dispensary.

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Now that you understand the differences between indicas and sativas, you’ll be ready to buy the best medical marijuana strains for your specific needs. From indica flowers to sativa vaporizers, you’re about to discover the wide world of medical marijuana and everything it offers!